KASHMIR-articleLargeMajority of the schools in valley lack the competent Kashmiri teaching staff. Government in Kashmiri introduced the subject after long intervention of people but lack of staff is turning the whole exercise futile. According to students, the teachers who teach them Kashmir cannot read out the subject themselves.  “What is the fun of teaching a subject of which a teacher sans knowledge,” says Latief Ahmad, a parent. The aim behind introducing the Kashmiri language was to impart it into the new generation – who are tending to forget it.  “It was a dream of many that government should introduce the language so that children would know the very basics of language and would and would speak it in a better way,” says Ahmad Ali, a professor. Children nowadays speak a mixture of Urdu, Kashmir and English languages and in all this they have forgot the very essence of their mother tongue. “It was a joyous moment for parents like me when Kashmiri was introduces as a compulsory subject from class third to eight but the lack of competent teacher is doing further damage to the language of children,” says Javed Ahmad, a parent.dsc013662
The problem is prevalent among both governments as well as in private schools. However, as per to people living in far flung area,  the problem over there is grave.
“We have a government school over here and the teacher there has been placed just to fill the post else he is no potent in the language,” says Ghulam Ahmad of Budgam district. Parents demand that the government should appoint only those teachers who are proficient in language — rather than putting anyone into the chair.  “It is our loss if wrong knowledge is imparted to our kids. When you kids pronounce the word wrongly it speaks volumes about the Kashmiri knowledge of their teacher and the school in which they study,” Latief adds. They also say that if government was to pursue the subject in this way why they introduced the language at the first place. “Was it merely an eye wash to show to the people that yes they accepted their demands and introduced the language as a mandatory subject, I ask,” says Shahbaz Ahamd, a parent. As per to the scholars and students of Kashmiri – this language is very old and should be preserved by one and all.  “This is our language and we should treasure it instead of taking as something ordinary,” says Shazia, a Research Scholar. Commenting further on this matter Shazia says that there are many deserving candidates but they didn’t get a chance to prove themselves.  “Government appointed all the incompetent lot due to which students are now suffering.”It is also said that teacher don’t take the language serious. Shazia says, “Some teachers think that they can speak Kashmir hence can read as well but that is not the case. You need to be proficient to teach any language be itsome other language or your own mother tongue.”

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