Footwear brand called “Bhains Ki Ankh” on Amazon taking over the internet


New Delhi: Glancing through Amazon, even without the intention of shopping actually, can result in hilarious discoveries. We are saying this after spotting a footwear brand on the online shopping website called Bhains Ki Ankh. Yes, you read that right.

All you need to do is log onto Amazon and type ‘Bhains’ on the search bar, and the dropdown list will suggest the first option as ‘Bhains Ki Ankh slippers’. Mostly fur slippers are sold by the brand apart from slip-ons with glitter straps. Footwear sold by the brand are pretty affordable and each pair costs Rs 299 on an average.

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In fact, Bhains Ki Ankh also has a hilarious description of its products as written on Amazon – as if the name wasn’t enough. “Bhains Ki Ankh Fur Slippers are extremely soft and warm, especially for cold winter nights. Or maybe you just hate walking on hard floors in your home. Rather than suffer through, grab a pair of these fun, whimsical slippers that are sure to put a smile on their face. Be silly and goofy, or just throw a smile around everywhere you walk.”

Bhains Ki Ankh will also return your money if you aren’t satisfied with their products. Comments, meanwhile, are pretty much in favour of the brand. Those who bought slippers from the shelves of Bhains Ki Ankh said that footwear sold by them are ‘good’ and comfortable’.