For cricket’s sake please cleanse JKCA of corruption, malaise, nepotism

JKCA ElectionsThe new government in Jammu and Kashmir has the chance to cleanse the game if cricket, and end the corruption, nepotism, and malaise which has spread in the system which runs this powerful and rich sport. The State High Court has already directed a probe through an independent agency but all of us know how commissions, agencies, and even top investigative agencies work in India, and in this state when it comes to investigating the deeds of the rich, power, and politically connected. And in case the misdeeds have been committed by politicians and their cronies like in this case by the former CM of the state than politicians of hues, friends and foes join hands to save their brothers, and sisters. This happens because everyone wants to save themselves as they have hands in scandals, corruption, and never ending scams in this country which are presided over by corrupt politicians, and aided by equally and even more corrupt bureaucrats.

However, time has come for the government to at least cleanse the cricket administration in the state, as scams after scams are being unraveled amounting to hundreds of crores. In a recent revelation, JKCA secretary alleged that crores of rupees which the association got from Indian cricket board was siphoned off in 2007-08.

It is being alleged that JKCA officials opened bogus account in a J&K bank branch in Srinagar, deposited money, and than raised loans worth crores of rupees which were later led to liquidation of the cash credit certificates of the JKCA. A massive amount of 113 crore sanctioned to JKCA between 2003 and 2011 has been siphoned off with little effort made to improve the game, pay money to cricketers or to develop a stadium for cricket.

So serious are the financial frauds in the JKCA that the High court has even considered handing over the case to the CBI as it is a multi-billion scam which has been perpetrated in the last decade.

The High Court has in fact has asked the Registrar to send a copy of the case to the CBI for taking the case into it’s hand and probe everything which lead to the scam. It may be noted that plight of cricket players has been very bad in the state, and cricket players are known to suffer because their payments, stipend, refreshment money, and salaries have been repeated delays. In fact the JKCA officials are know to have squandered money on their own comforts whereas the players have often left to fend for themselves. If the state government is serious about ending cricket than it is high time it cleans the Augean stables of cricket in Jammu and Kashmir.

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