For now, J&K will only fly one flag

Jammu, January 1: Jammu and Kashmir high court order has directed the state government to not hoist the state flag, along with the national flag, on all official building and vehicles of constitutional authorities and it has been put on hold for now.

District bench of Jammu branch of Jammu and Kashmir High Court comprising Justice BL Bhat and Justice Tashi Rabstan stayed the order of Justice Hasnain Massodi on hoisting of state flag. Justice Massodi’s judgment was challenged by ex-IGP and BJP leader Farooq Khan through a Letter Patents Appeal (LPA).

2 Flags

Previously, Massodi, in his order, had said, “It is obligatory on every citizen as well as on every constitutional authority to maintain the sanctity of, and respect, the state flag in terms of the constitutional provisions and the Jammu and Kashmir Prevention of Insult to State Honours Act, 1979.”

It is compulsory under Section 144 of the state constitution to hoist the state flag along with the national flag on all government buildings which have offices of constitutional authorities as well as on official vehicles.

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