Forest land is being usurped at this place in Reasi


Reasi, December 18: A local resident of Chassana village in Gool Gulabgarh has brought to light a case of forcible possession of forest land by as many as twelve people, the names of whom are available with U4UVoice. Gurvakesh Singh, also known as Rinku, who has been trying to reach the forest officers in Mali kote, Mahore, has complained that none of the authorities including the forest officers have come to the land’s rescue and says that there seems a collusion between the forest officers and the twelve people

Singh further added that he has tried to contact, the DFO Mahore, through twenty different numbers of friends and relatives but the DFO has avoided the calls completely.

Singh, mobile number is 9596727695,  says that the forest department had raised a boundary around this piece of land first in 2009 which was broken by the people whose names he has provided. The forest department had again raised this boundary in 2013 which was broken by the same members. Again in 2015 the department had raised an enclosure and this time almost 30 people came and ripped off the posts and the barbed wire and threw it in river Chakki.

Singh added that the foresters themselves had come to see if the enclosure had been setup and after it was ripped off two days ago, no one in the forest department has come forward and it seems that they are deliberately allowing the forest land to be usurped.

Singh also alleged that these people who have uprooted the enclosures time and again have been doing so to cut trees such that eventually pieces of land can be mutated.


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