After forgetting Jammu for a decade Congress leaders now call for ‘Jammu First’


NC-Congress honeymoon heading for divorce?After enjoying power for the last 10 years, the Congress leaders from Jammu region now realizing that people of Jammu are angry with their non-performance have once again started talking about the anti-Jammu attitude of the Kashmiri political parties and leaders. By taking the pro-Jammu stand which the Congress leaders and other parties had forgotten for the last 5 years the selfish leadership is once again exposing their opportunistic politics, and their failure to understand the fact that people of Jammu province have realized the futility of supporting a party which has repeatedly failed them. The first step to befool the people came when a Congress leader gave the call for having a Hindu Chief Minister at the fag end of the tenure of the coalition government. The people are asking the question as to why the demand for having a Hindu CM, and raising the anti-jammu ideology, politics, and decisions of the National Conference were not brought to the fore by the Congress in the beginning. While one Congress leader gave the call for a Hindu CM, another one after enjoying power, and pelf has now given the call for Jammu first.

As soon as the poll bugle was sounded the Congress leaders suddenly found the ground beneath their feet shifting and they have once agaiin decided to milch the anti-Kashmir sentiment of the people of Jammu knowing well that there is inherent anger in the people of Jammu province for being from getting shabby treatment. The Congress is also worried by the fact that BJP has posted a very strong performance in the Lok Sabha polls during the Lok Sabha elections, and it was for the first time that the party won 3 seats in J&K. Also the strong performance of BJP in Maharashtra and Haryana where Congress governments have been uprooted has unnerved the Congress leadership, and they are now trying to find answers for their non-performance for the last one decade.

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Had the Congress leaders started asking hard questions, and taking moral stand even one one year before the elections would have been appreciated by the people. But now after being a partner in rampant loot, corruption, and mis-governance for the past one decade, the people are not convinced by the pro-Jammu slogans being coined by Congress as well as other leaders. Now the party leaders having realized that their game has been understood by the people have decided to come up with a new gameplan of once again playing the discrimination which has brought them rich dividends in the past. However, the rise of BJP under the astute leadership of Narendra Modi, and party supremo Amit Shah is making a very strong resurgence in the entire country, and it is being felt that the party will sweep a large number of seats in Jammu and Ladakh while it may also do well in Kashmir. The BJP can also come to power in Jammu and Kashmir if it allies with PDP, and the thought that Congress will have to sit in opposition is now forcing their leaders to come up with new slogans.