Former SSP conducted extensive tour of flood affected areas


Former SSP conducted extensive tour of flood affected areasProminent Social worker and SSP Rtd. Bhupinder Singh today conducted an extensive tour of Samba , ramgarh and bishnah area to take stock of the losses suffered by the residents of this area and also interacted with the Locals/youth of the area.
During interaction, local said the flood has affected their households, shops/business in the village. Locals said their houses has been flooded by sand, debris, and driftwood making it impossible for them to enter into their houses and also the flood had washed away the stored grains ,cattles along with the cow shed , and their farming tools .
While talking with the locals Singh said there is urgent need to give due and proper attention to protect the interests of farming community, earlier the farming community was affected by Pak Firing and now they have suffered with heavy rains and floods.
Singh further said that the people were living in a miserable condition as many of them have suffered damage of their houses partially or completely. Singh today appealed state government to provide immediate relief to the homeless people and should be provided tents, ration as they have been facing hardships, and also provide fodder for their cattles.