Found ‘in pool of blood’: Pak man mutilates wife’s vagina for the most bizzare reason!


Islamabad: In a shocking incident in Pakistan’s Dera Ghazi Khan area, a man has been arrested for allegedly mutilating his wife’s genitalia.

Border Military Police arrested the suspect after a complaint had been registered against him by the victim’s father, Dawn reported.


Jamil Ahmed claimed that on his way to another village with his brother he heard noises coming from his daughter’s house. Upon entering, he heard her screaming inside a locked room and when he broke in, he found her “lying in a pool of blood” and caught his son-in-law “in the act”. An accomplice was allegedly also present in the room, who is on the run and whom the police are conducting raids to arrest.

The suspect allegedly attacked his wife after she refused to give him her gold earrings, according to the FIR registered.

However, the victim’s family claims that the couple fought often and believe that their daughter was attacked for “being unable to conceive children”.

The victim’s father took her to Tehsil Headquarters hospital Taunsa Sharif where she is currently being treated.

The accused has been arrested and is in police custody.

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