Four months of court appeals and still no attention has been paid

The devastating floods had ruined the valley in September, leaving thousands of people homeless. Houses, jobs, families- everything was lost. Clearly, the tragedy of the wrecking floods has not ended for the valley people even till now. In several areas people are still outcrying for not receiving any help from the government’s side.

According to a local resident of Kanthbagh area in Baramulla- KP Singh Raina, his house had been insured under United India Insurance Company Limited. During the floods, his house was one of those affected by the raging Jhelum and had hence suffered severe damage. The insurance company has been approached by the resident and his family several times but the officials are simply tossing away the matter. The resident complains that the concerned officials are making them wait for way too long and are rather showing reluctance in issuing them the money or even helping them claim it.  It has been four months that K.P. Singh has been appealing the Tehsil Court and the company but none of the concerned authorities is paying attention. The insurance officer in concern with this case has been named as K.K. Bhat.  When Bhat was asked for the insurance money, he advised the family to visit the Tehsil court but every time they visit the court, a new date is issued to them. There has been no response on the filed case either. None of the officials is ready to aid them with any sort of assistance while they have been constantly appealing the court as well as the Insurance officials.

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