Four things Jammu needs on emergency basis


Nobody is perfect and everyone seeks perfection. Everybody wants help but nobody is ready to help. We all love our city of Temples but don’t you think that there are few things that we lack and should be present to make Jammu a better place to live?

Following are few logical things that Jammu should have a lot more of

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1 Matador stands: Because the roads are full of idiots

One of the reasons why Jammu is filled with confused traffic even after implementation of traffic lights is the menace created by MATADORs. They roam on the roads like some kind of thugs. The matador drivers will stop the matador any freaking where without the fear of traffic police or traffic rules. The worst part is they run their vehicle at such a high speed as if they are racing for Grand Prix.

Many of you must remember the heart-wrenching accident that happened in GolPulli, TalabTilloo. A 12th std. the girl was crushed brutally by a matador & her brother was left badly wounded by a speedy matador. The point is if we have matador stands and these matadors are abandoned to stop at any random place such incidents can be prevented.

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2 Dignified Libraries: Because education is empowerment

If you are pro-reader you will surely relate to this one. I am sure it is like a dream for the youth of our city to have well maintained and updated libraries or at least one decent library which is worth going to. It is the least we could ask for. The youth of Jammu has the urge to seek knowledge which beyond school/college syllabus.


3 Parking area: Because streets are not meant for stagnant traffic

India is growing at a rate of a rocket launcher. What not- The FDI, wi-fi services, high-speed trains and much more. Everybody loves growth but at what cost? Nowadays it is really easy to buy a two-wheeler or even four wheeler vehicles on EMI. The bigger deal here is that there is no space to park those fancy cars people own. But even bigger deal here is that due to lack of parking space people park those cars on streets. Which is technically not the right place to park a vehicle and but obviously we cannot ask anyone to abandon the vehicle they own. So that is why it is necessary. Besides it also troubles the active traffic as they cannot pass the streets with ease hence hell on roads.

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4 Dustbin/Garbage carrier: Because Jammu deserves to be cleaner

Nobody can deny the fact that we are in an urgent need of portable dustbins or garbage carriers. There are many locations in Jammu which have a serious garbage problem since ages. You won’t even like to walk through those places as they have open garbage lying there, which is really disgusting. The situation exacerbates in the monsoon season.

The sad part is nobody including us, is willing to take any action against such small yet important things to make our city a better place to live.

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