FOUR tips to lose weight quickly with just a One Hour walk


Let us agree to one thing first. If this piece caught your fancy, it is because you have put on some or a lot of unwanted bulk around your body and the only reason is that you are lazy.

True that different people are gifted differently when it comes to natural fat but anyone can lose weight, provided they choose to stop being lazy and make some good eating choices.

The biggest issue is that people give up on their brisk walking regimes in just one month as they do not see results. Sadly, results will never be seen in such a short period of time but the good news is that it does not take very long either.

Follow these four tips with a daily one-hour brisk walking regime and we promise that you will see results. Brisk walking according to experts can burn 500 calories in one hour and while those are a decent amount of calories, controlling the diet is your main mantra.

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Diet Mistakes to be Avoided

Not all fat is bad fat

While it is suggestible to avoid fat when you are trying to lose that extra flab, the Omega-3 fats in fish, seeds, nuts, avocados, coconut and olive oil actually help in losing weight. If you do not eat these, you always crave for carbs as quick-fuel. When you take in avocados and other nuts with omega-3s, your metabolism will always be up and running burning down your fat.

Do not Skip Meals

Many people simply miss a meal in a bid to lose weight quickly and this is a wrong practice. A meal means energy and skipping a meal activates the body to stop burning energy and start saving it, converting whatever possible into storable fat. Small meals upto six times are necessary with a brisk walk regime. Strict warning – Do not eat Energy Bars!

Most energy bars are sugary which inturn make you crave for food. Have 5-10 almonds or flax-seed or maybe fruits.

Reward Yourself for achieving a target

This is the tricky one. People often lose some weight and to celebrate award themselves with a pastry or a brownie and so on. Gift yourself a shirt or a pair of new sports socks. Buy more workout gear if you want to reward yourself.

Hydration is the most important thing

Small sips of water after regular intervals will actually help you walk more efficiently. You will also not feel drained of energy plus you’ll not confuse thirst for hunger. If your shin muscles hurt, you are not hydrated. Most importantly, do not replace water with pre-packaged energy drinks. Those just add unwanted kilos to your body. A light Nimbu-pani with honey will do.

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