‘Free Kashmir’ posters put up for sale just 1 km from Parliament

TimesNow News

After days of government allowing limited internet access in the Valley, the protests calling for ‘freeing Kashmir’ continue. Posters calling to ‘Free Kashmir’ have been put for sale near Parliament in New Delhi.

‘Free Kashmir’ posters were part of 200 posters at the “200 Days of Kashmir Blockade” rally, and were up for sale for Rs 30 just 1-km from Parliament.

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The rally was organised by multiple organisations but was being spearheaded by ANHAD. The Act Now for Harmony and Democracy (ANHAD) is a socio-cultural organisation established in March 2003, as a response to 2002 Gujarat riots. The Ministry of Home Affairs (MHA) had in 2016 cancelled the foreign funding of the prominent NGO citing “undesirable activities against public interest”.

Congress leader Salman Nizami told Times Now that the posters are not seditious in nature as they call for freedom of Kashmir from social media ban, poverty and detention and not freedom from India.

“Kashmir should be freed from social media ban, Kashmir should be freed from poverty, Kashmir should be freed from detention. The government had promised jobs for the Kashmiri people. Where are these jobs? We have been waiting for 200 days. You (government) promised a special package for the state in election campaigns and public platforms. We are also waiting for ‘acche din’ (better days),” a Congress leader Salman Nizami said.