French national arrested at London’s Gatwick airport with arms, 127 confirmed dead in Paris attacks

parisA French national has been arrested at London’s Gatwick airport while he was carrying weapons on his person. A number of raids were conducted in Paris, and Brussels to catch hold of the accomplices of those who were involved in the attack.

The arrest, reported by Belgian tv channel, in the wake of attacks in Paris is being seen very seriously as authorities are not taking any chances with security.

Earlier, the French president confirmed that the toll in yesterday’s attack was 127, and there were a number of people who have been seriously injured. ISIS based in Iraq and Syria have claimed responsibility for the attack.

Earlier, a France bound airliner was grounded at Amsterdam after a tweet was made carrying threat remark. Indian companies operating in France, and UK have issued advisories, and asked their employees to follow the guidelines issued by local law enforcement authorities.

A large number of people earlier paid tributes to those killed in the Paris attack. France has imposed a state of emergency, and will observe three-day mourning.

The French police meanwhile has identified the French national behind the Batacalan attack, and sources said that he was on the radar of French intelligence.

There are around 300 people who have been admitted to the hospitals, and 80 of them are critical.

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