Fresh Disturbance hits Kashmir valley; Mercury drops


With a fresh Western Disturbance hitting the region, Mercury has again taken a dip in the Kashmir valley. According to the Met Department there could be isolated rain or thundershowers in the state during the next 48 hours.

However, Saturday onward, there is a possibility of scattered rain for the next three days as there has been a cloudy weather during the day and rain in the afternoon with a steep drop in mercury level. Mercury in Gulmar, about 55 km from North Kashmir, dropped considerably after recording 6.2 mm rainfall till 8 in the morning.

The minimum temperature that has been recorded was is 4.6 degree Celsius, more than three notches below normal at Gulmarg. Pahalgam was also lashed with heavy rain yesterday and has recorded a drop in the minimum after recording 24 mm rainfall.

The maximum temperature in Srinagar dropped to 22.8 degrees after a cloudy day, which is five notches below normal. The night temperature also witnessed a three degree drop after 5.6 mm rainfall.

A Met official added that the sky would be partly cloudy with thundery development in Srinagar, where the maximum and minimum temperatures would be around 27 degrees and 12 degrees respectively during the next 24 hours.

Sky in Jammu would be party cloudy in Jammu with a maximum and minimum temperature of 41 degrees and 24 degrees respectively during the next 24 hours.

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