From a Labourer to Graduate to an Entrepreneur


The road that leads to Hari Nara village is not a road basically but a compilation of the choicest potholes and ditches.

Hari Nara village is located on a point that sort of demarcates north Kashmir’s Baramulla and Bandipora districts. Public transport is considered a luxury, leave aside having personal vehicles.  There is no public transport and most of the houses are old fashioned.

Standardly, a village such as this would be like any other village across the country but Hari Nara has something uncommon. In this photo you see someone’s hard work and dream come true: Anwar Hussain’s ‘Khushboo Libbas’- a complete boutique which places on offer a blend of modern and traditional wear.

Anwar Hussain's Khushboo Libaas

It is true that the stones chipped at the most make the most beautiful shapes and Anwar’s struggle began early too. He has to support his family when he was in school itself.

To support his family he used to work as a labourer and alongside he would dedicate his time to books as well.

“I wanted to complete my education at any cost,” said Anwar in an interview to U4UVoice.

After school he got admission in Gandhi Memorial College, Srinagar and completed graduation in arts stream in the year 2009.

Even during his college he used to work as typist at Sadder Court, Srinagar to manage the daily expenses.

Anwar Hussain

The small jobs that barely help anyone’s pockets continued till 2015 when a friend of Anwar’s suggested that he starts his own entrepreneurial venture in Hari Nara.

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