From Gotta Pati to Dogri Jhumke -5 trends of Jammu which can never go off fashion


Fashion now a day’s change more rapidly than season’s. There tare few very elegan timeless trends of  Jammu which are on the top list. Whether it be couture or jewellery. The royal splendor of the golden eras with statement jewels and outfits that are truly timeless are growing with generations and the demand for it too. Whether it be a local dogra wedding these five things are mandatory for a Jammu girl to get set go for her wedding .



Gotta-patti is a type of work which is made in the form of a kinari and is further stitched on a dogri suit or a saree. The kind of work adds shimmer and life to the cloth making it a heavy outfit for your special occasions.

Tilla (Dapka work)


The kind of work is handcrafted on mostly velvets or pashmina shawls adding grace and royalty to couture making it stylish and evergreen.


The quirky danglers which are a must haves. Several designs are available for these dazzling Jhumka’s which add as a glitter to your personality.



The dogri mang tikka is made of a single gold string. In vibrant designs and colorful combinations this adds a glistening touch on your forehead.



The most important ornament of a bride. The nath which is an epitome of ‘suhag’ in Dogra culture. Made with very fine incritate carvings and designed with multicolored stones and beads pays an ode to a Dogra bride.

BUGDIAN( Gold Coins Set)

It is believed to be one of the oldest ornaments of dogra culture. made up of  gold coins adds a vintage look to the lady.








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