From Kaale Kacche Wale to Monkey Man, here are 7 rumors, Jammu fell prey to!

In India, it is the shared belief in spirits and possession that often triggers such mass delusions.

The best way to fight superstition is to promote rational thinking. Schools can be a starting place because as the history of mass hysteria shows, children are quick to pick up irrational ideas and carry them along. Their most innocuous pranks — like two boys cutting off a girl’s hair — can trigger mass panic.

It is not the first time Jammu is experiencing this collective delusion. Let’s skim through the ‘mass hysteric’ moments in the history of Jammu and Kashmir:

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Female Ghost in Gho Manasa

It all started as a matter of superstition once Surinder Singh Bhau died under mysterious circumstances. The people of Kukrial in Gho Manasa have lived in fear for over a month and a half starting 3 April when Surinder Singh died. Read here.

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