From Newspaper boy to IIM Kolkata

A magical story of a boy who used to sell newspapers and is now a Deputy Country Manager
From Newspaper Boy to IIM Kolkota - N Shiva Kumar
This man was a newspaper vendor a few years ago but is now the deputy country manager of Indian subcontinent of German E-commerce company in Srilanka. His name is N Shiva Kumar and his life is nothing short of a dreamlike success story.
He first shot to national fame when he cleared CAT and was then further selected for IIM Calcutta.
As quoted in an interview to a national daily Shiva Said, “People knew me when I joined IIM-C. They were friendly and had respect for my background. I have also grown as a person during my stay in IIM-C. I have got a macro and micro view of the world.”
Son of a truck driver, N Shiva Kumar is also a computer science engineering student from the Bangalore Institute of Technology. It all started one morning when a working professional Krishna Vedavyasa stepped out early one morning to buy a newspaper in Banaswadi, a young newspaper delivery boy approached him asking for Rs. 15,000 to fund his school fees.
Krishna met the boy’s teachers and with the multiple promising conversations, he was more than convinced of the boy’s sincerity. Turning benefactor, Krishna agreed to help Shiva financially for his studies. The boy, Shiva Kumar N., went on to study engineering, completed MBA and is now set to join a German company as its Deputy Country Manager in Sri Lanka.
N Shiva Kumar not only sold newspapers to augment his family’s earnings, but did many odd jobs like selling flowers, washing cars and working as a sales representative in a car showroom. While studying and topping his class 10th, he also moved on from delivering newspapers to an independent vendor with 500 customers. He was in class 8th when he walked up to Mr. Vedavyasa, who financed all his studies.

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