Geelani exploiter of Kashmir Situation, say Kashmiri locals


August 23: U4UVoice had published an open letter by a Srinagar Girl from downtown area asking a few genuine questions to Hurriyat leader and separatist, Syed Ali Shah Geelani. The post was widely read but more importantly engaged people from the valley in appreciating the girl’s concerns which were critical of Geelani’s leadership in Kashmir for almost three decades.

You can read the open letter here: A Downtown girl writes an open letter to Syed Ali Shah Geelani

Following is a short unbiased gist of the girl’s letter where she appeals the separatist leadership to start working towards an independent Kashmir and not  for the vested interests of Pakistan. Following the gist are the comments of Kashmiris who appreciate her letter by and large echoing her sentiment against Geelani.

The girl right in the beginning of her letter clears that she favours only an idea of a free Kashmir and that she too has lost two people to the violence in Kashmir.


The girl also mentions the initiation by Pakistan to illegally occupy Kashmir, an act she says was followed by India.

The letter also criticised Geelani for misleading the Kashmiri youth into making the movement against India a communal one and further creating an ideology that Pakistan is a saviour whereas, Pakistan is party to crime as well she writes.

Comments Supporting the Letter


MA sha Allah sister your right it was really good letter from you to not only huriyat but for people’s living in kashmir too we must understand that. Thanks for good lines and thanks for awaking people of kashmir may Allah bless you. And guide us too. Allah hafiz


I agree with You Sister, that’s why I dont like this Learder


The fact remains that we have lost our way, and we are on a path of self destruction. All our great Hurriyat leaders or people who have money and resources have secured future of their children by sending them to various Indian states for better education. All of them own properties in these cities including our Geelani who spends winters in his Delhi house.
Geelani has been the biggest exploiter of this situation by being a puppet in the hands of a failed state like Pakistan. Our unfortunate inclination to Pakistan has now even resulted in global alienation for our cause.
No matter who gets killed, I am appalled at us celebrating the lost live. Don’t know how as true muslims do we even accept bloodshed. We have done enough harm to us and would continue to do so, if we don’t come in the right path.
Yes, Kashmir needs freedom. Freedom from hate, gun, hypocrite leaders like Geelani from within us and help from failed terrorist nations like Pakistan.


I may not agree with your description of history but still I respect and support kashmiris right to independence from both indian and pakistan if that’s what majority of kashmiris give their verdict for.

Having said that one should respect aspirations of others as well, there must be some kashmiri who would want kashmir to be part of india, some would from their heart want to be part of pakistan and like yourself would like to go independent you should respect everyone’s opinion and agree on principle to accept the verdict of majority whatever that may be.

That’s how all kashmiris can come together and become one voice for their right to self determinarion despite having differences.


U r right sis


hi i have a question for every Kashmiri brothers ,since very long not form this year since i was born i heard nd read in electronic nd print media 2day 5 kashmiri young boys are killed in protest , but never hrd leadr son was killed in protest , were r their kids . whey they r not comming out to protest , why they sent their kids to abroad or in other states for further studies , why a genuine kashmiri is killed. i need answer . plz any of my brother answer me ……being a true kashmiri i need answer ………



There were also comments opposing the letter by AYAAN MAQSOOD, NAEEMULLAH and AHMAD. The three interestingly presented their comments in form of facts which do not comply with Kashmir’s history.

Almost all the people commenting from Kashmir conceded to the thought in the letter. It is in the reader’s interest to see their version of truth.

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