Geelani had rejected the Indian Passport when the Congress gifted it to him – Khalid Jehangir


Khalid Jehangir (alt. Jahangir) (born, 30 June 1976, Srinagar) is a Kashmir based journalist turned businessman and Core Group member of Bharatiya Janta Party and its Jammu & Kashmir Affairs Spokesperson. He is founder director of J&K Economic Development Council and Board Member of China India Trade Investment Center (CITIC).Jehangir was the first youngest Kashmiri to represent at United Nations Commission for Human Rights in Geneva from 1999 to 2003.Khalid Jehangir BJP Spokesperson, geelani Passport, Geelani must apologize for passport

With a strong Nationalist background for a family, Mr. Jehangir recently sparked off the much discussed and commented upon controversy over issuance of Syed Ali Shah Geelani’s Passport. U4U Voice got a chance to interact with Mr. Jehangir over the issue and this is what came out of the short timed but passionate meeting.

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Sir you asked for Geelani’s adherence to Indian democracy if he is looking for a Passport to travel.

I did not ask Geelani to accept Indian Democracy. I urged Geelani that if he has to apply for an Indian Passport, he should be apologetic for the mission that he had been propagating for the last twenty-five years. His missions and calls did nothing else but time and again have been reasons for bloodshed of the vulnerable.

In the past, the Congress government has acceded to various demands of the Separatists and the passports of the Separatists have even been delivered to their doorsteps. Does the BJP-PDP government stand to repeat that?

The Congress did not only accede to the demands of the separatists, they (Congress) gifted them the passports too. Nobody knows this, but the separatists including Geelani, rejected the passports.

A passport is not a pack of wafers that Geelani can get it as and when he pleases so. We (BJP) have made it clear that if Geelani needs the fruits of the Indian Democracy, he needs to be a good Indian citizen first.

The separatists keep on flying the Pakistan flag in Srinagar. Why does not the BJP, as a nationalist party, hoist the National Flag at Lal Chowk to send a message across to the separatists?

The BJP does not need to protest, let alone at Lal Chowk. Why Lal Chowk? There are other more prominent locations in the valley, say the United Nations encampment. We can put the Indian flag there. I have even urged the central party leadership to see if UN encampment can be shifted to Udhampur or Samba which are actually more affected by cross-border firing.

Hoisting the flag at Lal Chowk is not a big issue. The government machinery and the security agencies have to be strong to tackle the unwanted elements. The young chaps who conventionally put up the Pakistan Flags are not doing it out of conviction. These young boys are funded by some people. The routes of such funding and the people involved need to be checked and you will never see the Pakistan flag getting hoisted automatically.

We know that the BJP did not score in Kashmir. What is the BJP doing to mitigate that?

BJP was not only having a problem in Kashmir, it was having a problem in India at a given point because of planned propaganda done by the Congress party, the Communist parties and their allies. Things have however changed on ground and now people are seeing the change. Half of the country is Congress-Mukt and Jammu and Kashmir falls into that category as well. National integration and core development of the country is the main focus of the Bharatiya Janata Party and this is why our membership drive in Kashmir garnered 3 Lac members.

The Defence Minister has recently said that the terrorists should be neutralized. What is the state BJP’s stand on this?

We welcome the Defence Ministry’s statement. The terrorists should be neutralised and all the hideouts should be combed out and destroyed. Another problem that must be tackled is of the Hawala Channels. The hawala channels that mobilise money in Kashmir need to be completely taken care of as well.