Geelani’s sugar coated poison

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JAMMU, Apr 9: It is a case of administering poison through a candy. This is what senior separatist leader Syed Ali Shah Geelani has done while referring to the row in NIT in Srinagar. He has a sermon only for the non-local students but no word for the local students. Does he believe that only non-local students may listen to his sermons and act accordingly? Or does he believe that local students no longer listen to his sermons?

Whatever it is, he has appealed to local and non-local students of NIT Srinagar to show maturity and brotherhood, adding that outstation students must be treated like guests. This is the only sound sermon he has issued and the rest is simply a manifestation of his desires and wishes which he has not been able to fulfill.

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A statement of APHC (G) issued in Srinagar urged non-local students not to get carried away by unfurling tricolor in the campus and go through the historical background of Jammu Kashmir by understanding that it was not an Indian State like Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Possibly Geelani remembers what Pakistan has been raking about all these 70 years and that is why he has not believed in the finality of the State’s accession with India.

The Instrument of Accession which later was ratified by people under the leadership of Sheikh Abdullah bears testimony to the claim of non-local students in the NIT in Srinagar that whenever they wished they could unfurl the tricolor in any part of Jammu and Kashmir. Even the State Constitution does not prohibit any person from unfurling the tricolor. And the tricolor is unfurled side by side with the State flag on the Civil Secretariat.

“Kashmiri students should treat outstation students like their guestS and the Indian students need to understand the severity of the situation in Jammu Kashmir,” the APHC (G) statement said.

The conglomerate rejected the move of non-local students of hoisting tricolor inside the NIT Srinagar campus and expressed concern over the deployment of CRPF on the campus. Has the senior separatist leader ever bothered to go into the details of the incident in which non-local students were roughed up by the police. And that should have been the reason for the Government to deploy CRPF companies. This was done to build confidence among non-local students and not to thrash local students by the CRPF.

While advising local students to treat non-local students as their guests Geelani possibly forgets that some of the students are from the region of Jammu and they are not guests while being in NIT, Srinagar. They are as good citizens of the State as the local students are.

Referring to the non-local students, APHC (G) said they should not demand installing of tricolor on the premises of the institution as it was not acceptable to the people of Jammu Kashmir. Do a section of people hoist tricolor on the roof of Civil Secretariat and other Government buildings? Does the Chief Minister of Jammu and Kashmir’s car carry the State flag and the tricolor ? Yes they do it despite the fact that since 1948 Muslims have remained Chief Ministers of the State.

If Geelani wants to douse the fire in NIT, Srinagar he should issue guidelines to local students against celebrating Indian Cricket team’s defeat at the hands of West Indies team. If Syed Ali Shah is determined to follow his separatist politics he should not guide local students to celebrate Indian team’s defeat at the hands teams from West Indies, Australia, England Texas, Israel, Philippines, Turkey or Russia.

And Naeem Akhtar, Education Minister, is right when he said that it is an administrative problem. And Chief Minister, Mehbooba Mufti, is cautious and careful as she does not want to open her mouth and later eat her words as many light weight separatists do. Like Modi Mehbooba is calm and is waiting for the probe to be completed and let the truth be out of the bag.

And the demand by the non-local students for a CBI inquiry seems to be valid despite the fact that the Deputy Chief Minister, Dr Nirmal Singh, has stated that the police had resorted to mild lathicharge. Was he there on the spot? No: he was not and how could he say lathicharge was mild. It seems he has never suffered a lathi blow which is quite painful.
Agreed that police acted impartially and need no certificate to testify their nationalism. Where was the police when the local students were celebrating the defeat of India cricket team buy the West Indies? Had the police intervened there would have been no trouble. All these issues need to be probed by the CBI.

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