General Line Teachers Forum demanded the roll back of the issued order; held protest outside Jammu Press Club

general line teachers protest
Picture by Sandeep

General Lines Teachers raised the demand for revocation of Govt. Order No. 469 in a protest carried out today at Jammu Press Club. It has been a cause of dicontentment and demoralization among the community and they have expressed their displeasure before as well. The teachers conveyed their plight over how the different employee unions have been unconcerned towards the unjust order by the Government passed in frustration to earn vote bank.

Sh. Neeraj Sharma, the President of the Forum said that the order is about to derail the whole education system and is insinuating the upcoming generation to go for unethical means of employment rather than fair means of competition. If this is the way to run ReTs engagement then there is no need for the recruitment agencies like PSC, SSRBs etc.
General Secretary of the Forum, Sh. Daleep Kumar Digra while addressing the gathering said that this move of the corrupted Previous NC and Congress Govt.  was setting unhealthy predence for other departments. Youth  aspiring for respectable profession like teaching will never opt for this job when the future promotion avenues are favoured for adhoc/ temporary employees entering through SSRB and PSC.
Other issues like early adjustments of  newly promoted teachers to masters, filling up of vacant post of teaching cadre in schools and removal of pay disparities of teachers with equivalent cadres were also raised. The members unanimously demanded the roll back of order issued by previous corrupted government.

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