This student of Jammu University is making big bucks out of his creative mind


By Akanksha Gupta

The day of the Wedding is the most important day of every one’s life. It is the day everybody dreams of as having the best ever. The trend of ‘designer weddings’ is now being recognized in Jammu as well. It is indeed very amazing to have a dream wedding but planning for all the grandeur, glitz and extravaganza associated with these big, fat weddings is a huge task. Also, with today’s life style, people hardly have time to handle the drama that follows the arrangement and proper planning of wedding.

Here, Abhinay Sharma, a very young but experienced wedding planner of the town comes to your rescue. Though new to the field but Abhinay, a student of Mba-IB at ICccR&HRM at Jammu University, understands the details of this industry very well.Abhinay Sharma

“One should be passionate if one wants to make a successful career in any field and I had a passion for event planning,” says Abhinay.

Abhinay never wanted to do a boring office job and wanted something that can give his creativity an outlet. “I really wanted to do something that I love. But I didn’t know what. The idea of venturing into wedding planning came during one of my MBA classes and several  months later, ‘Sankalp weddings’ was launched as a full service wedding and event planning business,” said Abhinay when asked how and when he stared.

Although he has been able to break into the market successfully, every young entrepreneur is bound to run into an infinite number of hurdles and difficult situations during their journey.  For Abhinay, the hardest challenge so far hasn’t been finding customers or dealing with the stress of planning for a wedding. It has been pricing his services. However, Abhinay has got to learn entrepreneurship skills from his father who happens to be one of the top businessmen of the town and it is helping him grow a lot.

Besides, he has also learnt the details of the business during an internship with a famous wedding planner in the national capital.

An Abhinay styled wedding in Chandigarh
An Abhinay styled wedding in Chandigarh
An Abhinay styled wedding in Chandigarh
An Abhinay styled wedding in Chandigarh

When we asked him what he loves about his work, Abhinay very proudly  said that the moment a father entrust me with, to make his daughter’s wedding a dream come true.

Not only in Jammu but Abhinay has planned some very amazing weddings in cities like Chandigarh and Delhi as well. Talking about his goals and dream, Abhinay said, “I want to be known as an expert in my industry some day.”

If you too are looking forward towards a grand and charismatic wedding event that will leave people spellbound, Abhinay will give you “the best bang for your buck”.

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