Get ready to fall sick; January cold to stay dry

Image Courtesy: Tribune News

Jammu, January 12: The minimum and maximum temperature recorded for the month till now has remained above normal. The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) has announced that Jammu and Kashmir will experience a warmer January this year.

In the months of November and December, the recorded temperature for the day and night continued to remain normal.

A local daily has quoted an IMD official, the average maximum temperature in Jammu and Kashmir from Jan 01 to Jan 10 has remained above normal and it is likely to remain on the higher side throughout the month. The average temperature recorded for these 10 days in Kashmir has been 9°C and Jammu it was 21°C which is 2 and 3 degrees above normal respectively.

Even on January 7 and 8, the maximum temperature recorded in Jammu was almost six notches above normal, while the minimum temperature was two degrees above normal.”


Similarly, in Kashmir region too, the average minimum temperature has remained one degree above normal. This has cleared the fact that state is going to experience a dry spell throughout the January.

“We are expecting rain and snow at the end of this month,” said Sonam Lotus, Regional Director, IMD, J&K.

He further said the dry spell prevailing in the state will have an impact over the horticulture sector and the yield of rabi crops.