Ghastly; Udders of a cow chopped off in Kathua

Jammu and Kashmir News

Kathua, May 08: Yesterday a case of maltreatment of a domestic cow in the vicinity of Head office at Khokharayal in Kathua came up. To this news, the members of the Bajrang Dal and BJP party members demonstrated on the roads, raising slogans and protesting immediate strict action against the culprit.

BJP party members, Janak Bharti and Karan Singh Jamwal, told a local daily that cutting of parts of the Holy Cow is as barbaric as slaughtering of the Cow itself. They were ferocious about the fact that the police had yet not taken any step to punish the accused.

The demonstrators openly threatened to go on mass strike if the police failed to investigate the matter. Later the police station in charge confirmed that the accused had been arrested and case under sections 153A and 429 of IPC have been filed.