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Ghost fear turns real; school in Srinagar shut down after Students, teachers display ‘odd’ behaviour

Srinagar: The Retang Girls High School located in Miskeen Bagh Khanyar area of Srinagar city is in news again because of the alleged ‘Ghost’ stories. The school was recently shutdown by Directorate of School Education for 10 days after students residing in the hostel created a furore about a ghost that resides in the hostel of the school.

This time 17 students as well as teachers fell unconscious after displaying ‘odd’ behavior.

According to media reports, parents of students in the school claim that Retang High School was closed for ten days by the administration. The’ghost’ resides in a haunted Madar-e-Meharban Hostel and ‘possesses’ young girls.

Yesterday 17 girl students fainted after displaying odd behaviour including biting their lips so as to cut them, slapping, kicking, wailing and crying.

School administration believes the school is haunted and has been witnessing the presence of evil spirits frequently after some of the chinar trees inside the school were cut down. “The school is gripped in fear. We are unable to understand what has been happening to the students. We are scared and don’t want to turn up here again,” said a female teacher as quoted in a local daily.

She said that recently Education Minister Nayeem Akhtar along with Director School Education visited the school and ordered the closure of school for ten days. “We request government to relocate the ‘haunted’ school as we are really scared of the presence of evil spirits here,” the teacher said.