‘Ghost’ school in Srinagar; Eight girls allegedly possessed

Jammu and Kashmir News

As per the statements given by the students of Girls High School Reiteng of old Srinagar area, the building of their school is believed to be hexed, after eight female students became the target of “the ghost”.

The school building has an adjacent hostel for the Gujjar and Bakarwal girls. According to the girls, the hostel building is under the influence of the ghost and has taken serious toll on the psyche of students.

A group of students informed that last week some of the girls started screaming unnecessarily and few of them even attacked the other students. The supposedly “possessed girls” bit their lips and tongue so badly that blood started oozing out from their mouths. Recalling the episode one of the students said that the events started happening on Sunday evening when girls came back to their rooms after sitting under a Chinar tree in the school campus.

The girls started behaving unnaturally and would scream repeatedly. The others found it very strange and none of them could sleep that night. To their fright, this just not did end that night. Next day, three more girls started doing the same and even attacked others.

They added that the hostel authorities were informed and have even called the families of the bewitched girls. There is panic all around the campus. When the Director of Schools Education Kashmir, Shah Faesal, was contacted, he said that he is aware about the situation and would visit the school as soon as possible. DC Srinagar Farooq Ahmad Lone said that they would adopt all possible ways to monitor the situation and would be willing to shift the students and teachers elsewhere is need be.

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