Gifting these things on Saturday makes Lord Shani angry



It is said that gifting someone with a chocolate on a Saturday can disturb the mental imbalance of that person.


Gifting someone pearls on Saturday can lead to the family of both the parties being more prone to physical accidents that can even result in death.


Gifting someone with an iron or steel pair of scissors can lead to a lot of tension between relatives.

Silver jewellery

Gifting someone with silver jewellery on a Saturday can lead to a huge financial crunch in the family.

Red clothes

Gifting someone with red clothes on a Saturday can lead to the person being let down in front of the entire society.

Jasmine perfume

Gifting someone with Jasmine perfume on a Saturday leads to the person falling sick often — the person can also die.

Red coloured pen

Gifting someone with a pen of red ink on a Saturday can lead to the person suffering huge financial losses and a drop in prestige.

Metal crockery

Gifting metal crockery to a person on a Saturday can lead to a spike in anger of Shani followed by huge loss in business.

White clothes

Gifting someone with white clothes on a Saturday can lead to trouble in the family followed by marriage troubles and husband-wife relationship.

Orange coloured sweets

Sweets are so common to be gifted on any occasion. However, refrain from gifting someone orange coloured sweets on a Saturday — this leads to accidents in the family. Let us now talk about some unknown facts about Shanidev.

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