Why doesn’t Modi ask Pak to vacate Gilgit Baltistan? – Bhim Singh


Jammu and Kashmir News

Chief patron of National Panthers Party Bhim Singh has recently expressed surprise on the PM keeping silence on J&K issue with Pakistan. The leader asked PM to understand the real crux of the matter which is Pakistan’s violation of UN Resolutions and betrayal of the people. He asked the PM to invite Pakistan’s PM to talk on J&K without menacing words.

He said that Pakistan should first explain why they attacked J&K in 1947 and why have they grabbed half of Jammu province in 1947 when J&K had lawfully acceded to the Union of India in 1947. He said Modi should ask Pakistan to leave Gilgit Baltistan. He added that the constant silence of the successive Indian government on the illegal usurpation of the region needs to be questioned.

He pointed out that UN Resolutions had given clear mandate that Indian Army shall look after entire State of J&K including Gilgit-Baltistan and the so-called ‘Azad Kashmir’. Why India does not insist on the issues?

The leader added that the Congress had kept mum for their self serving vote bank missions but it is surprising that even the so called nationalist leadership of the BJP is also following the Congress.

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