‘Girl abducted and taken to Kashmir’

The Vishv Hindu Parishad have protested against the alleged abduction of a Hindu girl by a Muslim boy from Jammu. They cautioned that if the girl is not brought home as early as possible then the party members would start a district wide protest.

On Monday, the State President of the party, Leela Karan Sharma, argued that even after one week of the girl gone missing the police have yet not started looking into the matter seriously. He added that it seems as if the police have been deliberately not been doing anything regarding the abduction and that they have been asked to stay off, by some higher authority.
He narrated that, the Muslim guy, who was pursuing engineering from Jammu, forcefully took the girl with him to Kashmir, where she is being held without her will.
According to him, family members of the girl have filed a complaint with the police about the kidnap but till now there is no clue about the boy nor has the girl been found. Leela Karan said that, police should be trying to unfurl the entire matter and bring the boy to Jammu instead they are the ones who have decided to play spectators.
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