Girl goes missing from Government shelter home

A girl has gone missing from the Markazi Falahi Itifal orphanage at Shalimar run by the government’s Social Welfare Department (SWD).


The Superintendent of Markazi Falahi Mastoorat, Shalimar, filed a complaint with the police that one of the girl
inmates escaped from the shelter home on November 2.


“The girl, a resident of Poonch, brought by the Child Welfare Committee, Bandipora, escaped from the home after having breakfast with the other inmates,” the Superintendent said in the complaint filed at the Nishat police station.


The missing girl was a beggar from Poonch brought to the orphanage by Child Welfare Committee (CWC) of Bandipora district in October.


“She was not willing to stay here from the beginning and had several times tried to escape but was traced by officials later,” the complaint said.


After the complaint, the police registered a case and started an investigation. “We have registered a case under Section 363 (kidnapping),” a police officer said. —TNS
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