Girl students in Kashmir come out on streets to protest eveteasing


Scores of girl students took to the street insexual-harassment Kreeri area of Baramullah District in North Kashmir today to hold a protest against a group of boys who had harassed some girls.

The incident took place yesterday and the situation got out of control as soon as the school reopened today.

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The girls – which were hundreds in number — went out on roads to protest against these guys who are creating problems for girl here.

The girls wanted police to take immediate action against the accused.

The girls from Govt higher secondary say that there were always a group of two to three guys who tried to harass them.

According to girls these boys were in a car. When girls tried to ignore them they abused them and tried to threaten them.

The police has made an arrest and are looking for other two guys involved in this case.

According to residents of this place the guys come from a political background and that is the reason they are openly doing such things.

“They are relative of a local PDP MLA which gives them a strong backing. They are messing up the whole environment at this place,” says a person wishing not to be named.

Parents and locals of this area say that police should take a strong action against the miscreants so that none of their girls has to face such kind of an issue on main streets.

“This is utterly intolerable. If police cannot take proper action let us try to handle the issue ourselves,” the locals remark.