Girls of Mubarak Mandi GGHSS demand removal of male teacher

Jammu, 29 September: Class XII Commerce Students of Mubarak Mandi Government Girls Higher Secondary School (GGHSS) have raised an issue of a faculty member’s misbehaviour in the name of discipline. The students have alleged the use of unparliamentary language by a senior teacher inside the classroom and have demanded the removal of this teacher.

The matter came to light when the teacher allegedly pulled up the girls of class XII (commerce) for not conforming to the decorum expected in a school. According to these students, however, the teacher resorted to the use of language which was derogatory and even personal.

When U4UVoice contacted the Principal of GGHSS Mubarak Mandi, Mrs. Neelam Gandotra, she clarified, “The teacher is a senior person and is one of the most respectable faculty members known in Jammu. This problem heightened because the students were being admonished for using mobile phones in the classroom. Usage of mobile phones by students is a nuisance and often leads to disarray in classrooms.”

She further added, “The teacher in question had reprimanded some students for not paying attention in the classroom on top of which they were caught busy using their mobile phones. The students objected to him getting angry and this led to further ruckus. As far as usage of unparliamentary language is concerned, the students are simply slandering the teacher who is held in high repute.”

Seemingly, the students have written to the management of the school and to this Mrs. Gandotra responded, “We are open to inspection on the said matter. If the management so finds that the teacher was at fault, appropriate action will be taken. I, however, can assure that the teacher is a respectable individual and he should come out clean if an inspection is to happen.”