Girls put to shame everyday, right outside school; authorities unaware


Jammu, August 4: Is the honour of teenaged girls belonging to poor families of no value? Does not having an influential family automatically guarantee that school-going girls can be slighted, even put to shame that amounts to Sexual Harassment in some cases?

Something akin to aforementioned is a quotidian nuisance for the girls at Government girls high school and the authorities are completely unaware of the issue.

Though the City Chowk area is a busy one, but a Toilet complex right next to the school’s entrance allows for some nasty elements playing mischief at opportune moments.

Government Girls High School City Chowk


U4UVoice spoke to the students after the school got over and some of them highlighted the issue which makes some of them not want to come to school.

Geeta (name changed) said, “There are a few regular faces who can be found waiting by the toilet and they pass lewd comments, sometimes even asking us to come inside the toilet with them. We avoid paying any attention to them but hearing all their trash makes us hate ourselves for being girls.”

Another student of class 9, Sonu (name changed) added, “Some of these men come here under the pretext of using the toilet and wait for the right moment to start blurting out their disgusting comments. Had this toilet not been here, the problem would have not existed.”

U4UVoice spoke to the Principal of the School who seemed to have no idea about the issue. He, however, mentioned that this used to be an open toilet earlier and was renovated later.

“It would be nice to see the toilet getting moved from here but the government itself has placed a toilet outside the school. No one’s attention, be it from the school or the locality has gone towards the fact.”

The school authorities have not complained about this issue to the Municipal corporation and the Principal himself admitted that he had not thought of the issue before.

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