GMC fire was started due to visitor’s cigarette

The cause behind the fire in General Medical College under ‘mysterious circumstances’ has been ascertained in initial investigations. According to the preliminary report, it came forth that the fire was caused by a burning cigarette bit thrown by somebody attending on a patient. This is the case of sheer negligence since hospital is the place where smoking is strictly prohibited. How can a person smoke inside the premises and throw a burning cigarette anywhere and not get caught?Fire in GMC

This a serious issue to be considered. Such incident especially inside the hospital can prove very dangerous. ItĀ involves the lives of hundreds of patients, attendants and the staff and that cannot be taken for granted.

Even a minor negligence can result into a horrendous disaster. Steps should be taken to ensure to prevention of any such incidents in the hospital. Hospital management should initiate an enquiry into the matter to know the cause of fire and can take preventive measures accordingly to avoid such incident in the future.

There are people deployed inside the hospital by authorities to check the breaking of rules. It is their duty to keep a strict eye and deal under the law, if find anybody guilty. Had they been doing their duty properly, this aweful incident could have been prevented.

Besides, their duty is to keep a strict vigilance over the crowds of people who come as wards and family members of the patients in order to protect hospital from criminals and miscreants. They should check identity check at the entrance gate for everybody desiring to enter the hospital premises or the wards. In fact, there should be electronic check also and things like cigarettes should not be allowed inside the hospital premises.

It is high time, the authorities at GMC and other government hospitals need to wake up and take serious measures to counter any such incident in future.

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