GMC Jammu to be converted to Vet Hospital along the lines of Adelaide Animal Hospital


Jammu, 19 May:  Inputs from highly reliable sources point at the conversion of GMC Jammu into a main veterinary hospital, the first of its kind in the whole of India. Jammu already has an animal hospital at Amphalla and GMC is going to be converted to the main veterinary centre in the state. The hospital should start catering to fauna in four adjoining states by the end of 2016.

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Highly reliable sources say that the government may be going through a financial crunch but the conversion of GMC Jammu into a vet hospital would not incur heavy costs.

The sources also said that the overly conspicuous presence of dogs in the hospital premises is not a mere co-incidence and is a part of a larger design.

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Pilot tests have been run with cows as well but they have not been able to adjust with the civilians like the dogs do. However, the huge part of the hospital premises will be used only to house the animals from Jammu city. Elaborate plans are in place to keep all the animals from the city at the GMC Hospital slowly replacing the civilian population.

Sources say that this decision was taken after stats showed that the health restoration rates at the GMC had dwindled over the past half-a-decade.

The benefits of this turnaround are multitudinous as all the stretchers and beds can be shifted to the district and sub-district hospitals. This would also ensure that the doctors unwilling to go and work in distant parts of the state will now go and work there in the absence of GMC for humans.

The super specialty hospital in Jammu would still serve the function a show-piece and no major changes would be brought to nor will there be any expectations of work from it.

This step would also ensure more employment to many in the city. Grazers, housekeeping, animal-handlers, real veterinary doctors, unreal veterinary doctors who only use water injections and the likes.

The government and health ministry in particular for the moment will divert special cases to SMVDSB Super Specialty hospital and rest of the cases shall have to be cured at the district levels only. The problems of the long waits and using political Jugaad for getting a bed at GMC would be things of the past.

The forever clogged  washbasins, urinal pots and commodes would serve as water reservoirs for the animals being treated at the hospital. It is being expected that the animals would not be complaining about the condition of the toilets. The expectancy is that animals would be happy as they would be getting to drink water and defecate in tiled rooms.

Below are some real pictures of the hospital premises that will in future be used by the animals only. This is also your chance to say good bye to these places you probably have not visited so far or hated because you visited once.

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NOTE: The article is meant to be a satirical take on the maintenance or the lack there of at Jammu’s only Tertiary Hospital, the GMC & H. On the one hand the state is looking forward to three more hospitals in different regions but on the other, the administration is doing nothing in improving the present status of the hospital.