GMC Molestation Case: Massive protest held at JNU


JAMMU, Jan 17: The students studying at JNU from Ladakh held a protest demonstration against the GMC molestation case- the case in which the accused named Bupesh Khajuria, HOD Department of Forensic Medicine, GMC Jammu, molested a Ladakhi medical college student.

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The protest demonstration saw participation from different organizations like Ladakh Student Welfare Society Delhi, All Kargil Student Union Delhi, Jawaharlal Nehru Student Union, DSF, DSU, AISA, Jammu, Kashmir and Ladakh group, BAPSA, Gorkha Student Wing, SFI, PinjraTodh and other concerned sympathizers from different student bodies across Delhi. Protestors assembled in the evening at Sabarmati Dhaba, JNU to be part of STAND WITH NOMOLAY movement. It was well attended by huge no of students and sympathizers.

Protestors condemned the GMC molestation case in the stickiest of term and said that they will not tolerate such things. Mohit Pandey, the current JNUSU President demanded strict action against the culprit and stressed that such action will not be tolerated in the educational institution be it any it where in India.

Further addressing the protestors, AKSUD representative, also condemned the GMC molestation case and said that they will not stop until the molester is terminated from the service and punished as per the Law. Addressing the protestor, the representative from the Ladakhi Student forum JNU said that such heinous crime will not be tolerated and demanded his termination from the service.

The representative further said that they will not tolerate the act of administration trying to shield the culprit and said that culprit should never allowed to hold any post in future. The representatives from different students unions collectively questioned the State Govt for its continuous attaching of the culprit with the directorate of Health. All the different student union of the campus unanimously said that the culprit should be terminated. Many feminist activists also attended the protest and they said that fight for gender justice will continue.

They showed a full allegiance to the movement and all so stressed about other similar kind of gender specific discriminations happening across India. The demonstration unanimously demanded the unconditional termination of the culprit and demanded that he should be bared from any future service under the Govt.

The demonstration also slammed the GMC administration for shielding the culprit by providing him medical asylum at GMC. The protest rally was terminated with effigy burning of the culprit all the student union pledged to carry forward the movement until the culprit is terminated from the service and debarred from any future post under the govt. Ladakh Student Forum JNU said that they will continue their movement and said that they will take it to the highest level to ensure justice to the complainant.