GMC Principal waved a gun in front of Health Minister, says media report

Jammu, Aug 18: A report in Early Times from two days ago claims that the Principal of Government Medical College (GMC) Jammu ‘waved a gun ‘ in a meeting that was being chaired by Minister for Health and Medical Education Department, Bali Bhagat.

The meeting had been convened to resolve the matter of junior doctors on strike in GMC&H Jammu for last three days, at PWD guest House Jammu on 16 August.

According to the report, during the meeting which was called at 2pm past  Wednesday, the Principal of the only Primary Health Institute in Jammu division was not content with the discussion on a certain issue and got upset as a consequence.

The report then goes on to claim that the Principal ‘waved a gun’ in the presence of the Health Minister and other Head of Department (HODs) inspiring shock for all present.

“It is security lapse and big thing that a government employee waved gun during official meeting by disrespecting the presence of Minister for H&ME Department,” Senior doctors, seeking anonymity termed adding, “how is it possible that a senior doctor brushing aside the sanctity of the institution, crossed all limits of etiquette and dared to show personal weapon,” as is quoted verbatim in the report.

The act was supposedly condemned by GMC’s senior faculty members stating Principal is the head of the institution  and such representation of the hospitals is not welcome.

The newspaper also contacted Principal of GMC Jammu Dr. Zahid Gillani, refusing to comment on the issue, asked to contact the Minister to verify the allegations whether did I wave gun or not during meeting? And further said, “I didn’t brandish gun because don’t possess it, “he added.

Minister for Health and Medical Education Department Bali Bhagat was not available for comment on the issue.

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