Going soft on separatists could plunge Kashmir into another round of terrorism

Image courtesy: thenewstribe
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Image courtesy: thenewstribe

There prospects of separatists trying to foment trouble in Kashmir Valley by taking advantage of the situation arising out of Tral encounter must wake up the Mufti government to the seriousness of the situation. The summer is here and so is the tourist season in Kashmir with thousands of tourists from India and abroad looking forward to spend good time in the Valley. However, if the government allows the separatists, and over ground insurgents to snatch the momentum then it would be nothing but self-defeat, and loss of faith in the people who had voted the new government to bring about change in their lives. People want jobs, growth, more prosperity in their lives, and if this is not happening then they would lose the little faith they have showed in the democracy in Kashmir.

The flood in Valley already has put the economy in a crunch, infrastructure has been wasted, and the state has been facing financial problems. If the state has a good tourist season this year, then it could help the people, and the government in multiple ways. However, the prospects of having a peaceful time ahead are bleak because separatists have once again started calling the shots. The proposal for the return of Kashmiri pundits to the valley met with a shutdown call made by JKLF, and followed by the Hurriyat. The separatists have been attacking the government incessantly, and they have been allowed by the PDP to somehow influence the agenda of the government much to the consternation of people who were hoping of strong action against the over ground sympathizers of the insurgents.

Businessmen in Kashmir fear that the recent Taral encounter will now be used to spread unrest in Valley irrespective of the merits of the case. The separatists are becoming irrelevant, they don’t have any issue or agenda, and they have been rejected by the general masses, they aver. However if this miniscule minority is allowed to hijack the political agenda of the state or the Kashmir valley then it would lead to nothing but disaster. Business leaders are also worried about the impact of the increasing separatist influence as this could harm the oncoming tourist season. One businessman said that it shutdowns, and strikes become routine then it could be a setback on the arrival of tourists. Already the flood threat led to problems with the bookings but things now have stabilized, he adds.


One more political controversy or agitation would mean that businesses in Kashmir would be on the road to no recovery. The major losses which happened to traders, and industry in last year’s flood are yet to overcome, and if the trouble mongers are not reined in then the Mufti government would also be a loser.

It is also being feared that the fight for political survival among the separatists is also a reason that their attacks on the government, and each other are becoming shrill. While Yasin Malik has struck first on the government now, Hurriyat hardlines Syed Ali Shah Geelani has given call for an agitation to ensure that he remains the top leader, and no one is able to upstage him at least in separatist circles. It is only because of this reason that Geelani gave the call for Tral shutdown, and Tral chalo as he wanted to up the ante. Meanwhile analysts argue that having a soft policy towards the separatists is likely to create more problems in the government, and it could also give a fillip to terrorism in the state. The state must not go soft on the insurgents, and anti-India forces if it wants to ensure peace in Jammu and Kashmir is the stern warning.

Image courtesy: thenewstribe

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