Good News : Airtel comes to the rescue of Aircel

The Indian telecom giant Airtel has come forward to the rescue of Aircel, which is currently in deep trouble.

So far, 800 towers of Aircel have become dysfunctional, and most importantly, all the mobile towers of South India have totally stopped functioning, with even the Aircel website not working.

However, in such a scenario, the officials of the Aircel Company have reiterated that Aircel hasn’t stopped their services and are not shutting down anytime soon, as the contract is still there for 15 years.

Now, Airtel has come forward to support Aircel, and they have offered several towers, which will exclusively support Aircel signals, and this will continue till the entire Tower and signal issues of Aircel are resolved.

Besides, with this dealing, the number portability from Aircel to Airtel has also become easy.

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