Good News For Senior Citizens, Air India to give air tickets at half the price


New Delhi:Congratulations all senior citizen! The aviation ministry has passed the air fare brought by Modi government that Indian national over 60 years of age will get Air India ticket at half the price for travel within India.

Eligibility: A Senior citizen of Indian Nationality, permanently residing in India and should have attained the age of 60 years on the date of commencement of journey.

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Required Documents: Any valid Photo ID with date of birth e.g., Voter’s ID card, Passport, Driving license, senior citizens ID card issued by Air India etc .

Discount: 50% of Basic fare on select booking classes in Economy cabin.

Travel: Any sector within India.

Ticket Validity: 1 Year from date of issue

Advance Purchase: Ticket to be purchased 7 days before departure

Children: No discount applies.

Infant: (Under 2 years) 1st accompanying Infant – Rs.1000 per coupon, Plus applicable taxes. 2nd and more Infants, no discount permissible.

Date/Flight change, Cancellation & Refund: Permitted – Fee applies

In case the relevant ID / documents are not presented at the time of check in or at the boarding gate, the basic fare will be forfeited and the tickets will become non refundable (only taxes & levies will be refunded). Boarding will be denied if the identity proof is not provided at the time of check in and at the boarding gate.

These concessions are applicable on AIRINDIA operated flights and Alliance Air codeshare flights.

These concessions are not applicable on Regional connectivity Alliance Air codeshare flights and AirIndia Express codeshare Domestic flights.