Good News of salary hike! यूटी के मुलाजिमों को वेतन बढ़ोतरी का आदेश, दिसंबर में मिलेगी बढ़ी हुई तन्ख्वाह


Jammu & Kashmir: The union government and government employees of Jammu and Kashmir have received the gift of salary hike. Earlier, due to Article 370, the recommendations of the Seventh Pay Commission were not fully implemented here.

On the instructions of Lieutenant Governor Girish Chandra Murmu, the Finance Department has also added traffic allowance and education allowance for children to the salary of the workers. The LG order came into effect from October 31, 2019. Employees will get the benefit of salary hike from December.

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According to the order issued by the Finance Department on Thursday, employees posted in pay level nine and above cities will get traffic allowance of Rs 7200 plus DA.

Employees posted at other locations will receive the same allowance as 3600 plus DA. 3600 plus DA will be added per month as traffic allowance to employees below pay level nine. Employees posted at places other than cities will get Rs 1800 plus DA.

Employees posted at urban sites will get Rs 1350 plus DA transport allowance for the salary of employees up to level two. On posting to other places, you will get Rs 900 plus DA.

Similarly, employees of Jammu and Kashmir have also been given the benefit of education allowance and hostel subsidy for children on the lines of central employees. Employees will get Rs 4500 as education allowance for two children. Up to two children will be given Rs 2250 per child. The employee will be able to take a subsidy of Rs 6750 if the child stays in the hostel.