Google Hires 200 Goats

Just imagine if you have goats as your co-workers. How will you react? Will that be amazing or funny? Well we are not kidding, it is a fact. World’s famous search engine-Google has a varied list of employees which includes both humans and goats. Google have hired approximately 200 goats, now you must be thinking why would Google hire goats and for what purpose?

Image Courtesy: socialcouch
Image Courtesy

You would be surprised to know that these goats are drawing in hefty salaries from the company. These goats are hired for their Mountain View office to replace the land mowers used for taking care of the weeds growing outside the headquarters.

Image Courtesy: static
Image Courtesy

And as per Google’s Dan Hoffman Director Real Estate and Workplace Services wrote on his blog “ It costs us about the same as mowing, and goats are a lot cuter to watch than land mowers”.

FYI Google is not the only company who hired Goats, Yahoo was the first one who started this practice in the year 2007.

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