Google Pay Stamps Are Back! Collect And Win up to Rs 2020


Clearly, the experiment worked well the first time when Google Pay had first experimented with the stickers ahead of the Diwali festival. A lot of friends and family folks were busy collecting these, and barter systems were in place to trade stickers too. Google’s payment app in India, Google Pay, has relaunched the stamps experiment and it is called Welcome 2020 game. What you need to do is use Google Pay to make payments and collect all 7 stamps. Once you do that, you will get rewards such as vouchers and scratch cards with value between Rs 202 and Rs 2020. The offer is now live on the Google Pay app.

The way this works is that you use the Google Pay app for making payments and more and earn stickers in return. There are four ways to collect stamps. First is that you make a payment of Rs 98 or more at a business or to a friend. Secondly, you can pay bills or recharge prepaid mobile numbers—for bill payments, the minimum amount is Rs 300 while for recharges, the minimum amount must be Rs 98. Third, you can invite friends and family to sign-up for Google Pay and you’ll earn a sticker when these new users make their first payment via the app. Finally, you can also gift or request for stamps—Google says you get 1 stamp on your Gift board per friend you gift once they accept.

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Google also says that if you complete any of the three layers on the cake, you’ll get bonus rewards along the way. “Collect all 7 stamps to complete the cake and get Rs 202 – Rs 2020. Plus, earn bonus rewards for any completed layer,” say the Google Pay Welcome 2020 game rules.