‘Goons have threatened to kidnap & rape our 15-yr-old; police not interested’


Jammu, Sept 24: A family from Raguda area has accused Bagh-e-Bahu police station of apathy and indifference as the police has refused to register their complaint in a serious criminal threat case.

Ghulam Ali the head of the family held a press conference on Friday to gather the attention of media and people so that the police will wake up from its slumber.


“On 15th September few people barged inside our house and started beating the entire family. They have also threatened to abduct and rape our 15-year-old daughter. We tried to file an FIR but the police did not listen to us. In fact, the goons were roaming outside the police station while we were trying to register our complaint”, said Ghulam Ali.

He further claimed that the criminals have again threatened him and his family. He tried to lodge a complaint with the Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) but unfortunately there also nobody took their case seriously.

“Finally we went to the court. However, even after the orders of court to take action, the Bagh-e-Bahu is not taking any action,” he added.

But the police has a different story to tell. According to the police, the two parties are related to each other are for a long time there are some differences in the family.

“We are trying to resolve the family dispute with the help of community elders and at the same time we are investing the case also”, said the police.

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