Government Formation likely on February 13



The PDP patron Mufti has indicated the decision of the Kashmir centric party to ally with the BJP but there has been no formal announcement by any of the two yet. Reportedly, the two leading parties will formally announce their alliance and the state can expect the new government in mid-February.


The two were indulged in Track two talks which are over by now and all the issues have been talked out. To frame the Common Minimum Programme(CMP), the two need to have a structured dialogue and that is expected to start soon after the Rajya Sabha Elections end on February 7. As per the reports, the two have held discussions on all the issues including the debatable issues like AFSPA and Article 370 which had been keeping the parties away from the union. Now the two parties have agreed and decided that the structured dialogue would begin soon after the Rajya Sabha Polls which are scheduled to end by February 7.


To officially announce the partner, PDP patron Mufti will meet Prime Minister Narendra Modi immediately after the Rajya Sabha polls and frame the CMP which forms the foundation of the government formation in the state. The meeting will seemingly be held in the second week of February as per reports.

Since January 8 the state is under Governor’s rule after Omar Abdullah refused to continue as the caretaker CM of J&K.  After the fractured mandate by the people no party was in a position to form the government on its own. Since the speculations had risen the two parties have been in Track two engagement of talks but had  not reached any decision yet. The two had been disputing over the two disparate ideologies. Mufti had been maintaining that his party is in no case ready to sell out the mandate given by the people and neither are they going to compromise their agenda. He had been stiff about the agenda that maintains strengthening of Article 370, revocation of AFSPA and maintenance of specific provisions of the Constitution. BJP on the other hand, had been positing the demands of curbing the discrimination against Jammu and granting citizenship rights to refugees. The party intends to eliminate the Kashmir-centric approach.

The two now have seemingly settled on the issues of developing and empowering the state instead of disputing over the contentious issue. The welfare of people and the delayed rehabilitation of the valley is the only need of the hour and the rest can be  put on hold.


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