Government given a three week Ultimatum on Beef Ban

Jammu, October 02: Mufti led Jammu Kashmir State Government has been given three weeks time to clear its stand on whether to revoke ban on beef in the state or to continue it. The notice period has been granted to state government by Jammu & Kashmir High Court on Thursday in view of a Public Interest Litigation (PIL) that challenged the Cow Slaughter Act in the Ranbir Penal Code (RPC).

This PIL challenging the constitutional validity of RPC sections 298-A and 298-B was filed by retired law professor Afzal Qadri on September 17. The PIL argues against the ban on bovine slaughter and beef sale in Jammu and Kashmir.

Admitting this writ petition, High Court had issued a notice with a one week period to the state government on September 16 and made it clear that pendency of the petition was not a bar for the state or the legislature to scrap or amend the sections. The government had delayed filing its reply whether it stood for retaining the penal sections or for scrapping or amending the sections.

It is being said that these delaying tactics are the part of government to avoid taking a stand as it can lead to a bigger controversy in state.

Image Courtesy: Online Media Sources

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