Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar in shambles; maternity wards outcry for attention


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government hospital gandhi nagar The pictures attached to this article are from Government Hospital Gandhi Nagar, Jammu and they clearly depict the shambles that this hospital is in. The wards shown here are the maternity wards of the only Hospital in Gandhi Nagar which see a remarkable number of females on a daily basis. The rooms are small and lack basic facilities. The coolers available in the hospital and especially in the Maternity wards are non-functional. The whole Summer season has almost passed amid such wretched conditions without the Hospital paying heed to the sufferings of pregnant women. The lack of Hospitals and medical care is one issue but the limited sources also display unacceptable conditions barely leaving any option for the ones in need.

government hospital gandhi nagar

There have been constant complaints about the lack of facilities and comfort in the maternity wards. The beds provided for the women are either broken or on the verge of collapse. The Hospital caters to a huge number of people on a daily basis ad that is understandable. The Mothers going through a period of pregnancy, which is expected to be your life’s most memorable experiences, do not really see a  happy culmination of the whole 9 month process. There have been privacy issues, cleanliness, lack of basic facilities like proper beds and availability of nurses.

Going through all this during the tiresome phase of pregnancy tends to aggravate frustration among women, which also affects the health of the mother as well as the child. One woman expressed that the hospitals should provide secluded rooms considering the privacy factor for a woman going through her pregnancy but because there is barely any provision like that, women are forced to share the ward room with many other mothers and their babies. The privacy is very limited and in addition to that, there is barely any comfort amid such a noisy environment. The experience in the Hospital, as told by most of the patients present at the moment, has been awful. The matter is even more crucial when it comes to the first time mothers as it becomes difficult for them to survive in such comfortless environment with no bed and barely a working cooler when the temperature is soaring up and up every day.

government hospital gandhi nagar

government hospital gandhi nagar

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