Government Scheme that assists Bhandaras/Langars


Seva Bhoj Yojna is being implemented from 01-08-2018. It is a Central Sector Scheme for providing reimbursement of CGST and Central Government’s share of IGST paid by charitable/religious institutions on purchase of specific raw food items for serving free food to public/devotees.

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The specific raw food items covered under the Scheme are

1. Ghee

2. Edible Oil

3. Sugar/Burra/Jaggery

4. Rice

5. Atta/Maida/Rava/Flour, and

6. Pulses.

Under the scheme the financial assistance will be provided for free ‘prasad’ or free food or free langar/Bhandara (community kitchen) offered by charitable/religious institutions like Gurudwara, Temples, Dharmik Ashram, Mosques, Dargah, Church, Math, Monasteries, etc.

There is a set criterion to apply for financial assistance under the scheme. The applicant must be involved in charitable/religious activities by way of free and philanthropic distribution of food/prasad/langar/Bhandara (Community Kitchen) free of cost and without discrimination.

The institutions or organizations should have been distributing free food, langar, and prasad to at least 5000 persons in a calendar month can apply under the scheme. The financial assistance under the scheme shall be given only to those institutions which are not in receipt of any financial assistance from the Central Government or the State Government for the purpose of distributing free food.

The institution or organization blacklisted under the provisions of Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) or under the provisions of any Act/Rules of the Central/State shall not be eligible for financial assistance under the scheme.

Looking at the positive objective of this scheme, it can be said that the scheme, if implemented efficiently, will be a motivating factor for organizing more community kitchens. It will further help in reducing the causes of hunger and starvation with which India is suffering since long. This scheme will surely give a boost to the godly service that is practiced in India.