Why are government schools in Jammu and Kashmir deprived of necessary facilities??

We call it the era of civilisation and advancement and education is an integral factor in carrying forward this advancement. With the growth of private schools in region why have the government schools been thrown in cold storage? Schools in Jammu and Kashmir are deprived of basic necessities even in today’s age where the private schools are equipped with more than the necessary facilities.

There is an unsystematic procedure in the education policy of government schools. The messed up system in those schools is only playing with the future of students instead of securing it. The entire academic session goes passes away in absence of teachers because they are always engaged either in election duties or census duties. The students are left to suffer n neglect. The teachers pay no heed to their responsibilities and in the end nobody else but the students are left to suffer. Some teachers are also deputed for undergoing B.Ed. course for full one year. It is the responsibility of the teachers , and more than them, the government’s, to take firm measures against such ignorance.

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